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April 28, 2013
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Morphos-Metaphor Application: Ayase Tsubomi by Carolineshox Morphos-Metaphor Application: Ayase Tsubomi by Carolineshox


Ayase Tsubomi

:bulletorange: Date of Birth:

4 March 1996 (Pisces ♓)

:bulletorange: Gender:


:bulletorange: Year/Level:

First Year

:bulletorange: Weapon:

Back in middle school, she had the dream of becoming a hairdresser. After she started to get along with her classmates, sometimes she brought her scissors to school to give them a nice haircut. After a while, it became a daily habit to bring her scissors with her, even when she doesn't need it. ((or 'in case she might need it'))

:bulletorange: Evoker:

Iphone 5

:bulletorange: Arcana:

XIII Death

:bulletorange: Arcana Rank:


:bulletorange: Persona:


:bulletorange: Heigh:

165 cm

:bulletorange: Weigh:


:bulletorange: Nationality:


:bulletorange: Likes:

- Varnishing her nails
- Texting her friends
- Styling other people's hair
- Shopping
- Soft ice
- Animals
- Fashion magazines
- Dyeing her hair
- Jewelry & piercings
- Surfing the Internet

:bulletorange: Dislikes:

- Rain, because it ruins her hair (she irons it very often, but the tips she keeps mostly curly)
- When one of her fingernails break
- Sauerkraut
- Sports (She always tries to pretend that she´s sick so she won't have to participate)
- When people talk to her while she is listening to music (When this happens, she turns the music louder on purpose and keep ignoring them)
- Being misjudged
- When she is called "Miss Useless"
- Noisy people
- Having no internet connection

:bulletorange: Personality:

Ayase seems pretty cocky at first sight, but that's not really the case.
She´s calm, composed, and enjoys being among people. (Before, she was very inflexible).
Only when she´s not in the mood to talk, she distances herself in a corner and starts tweeting on her phone (or do other things which involve her smartphone).
Sometimes, when it comes to a fight between two of her friends, Ayase will never interfere. She will rather varnish her nails in a peppy color. As soon as the argument is over she talks with them as if nothing happened.
She is also very addicted to the Internet and might forget that people are present when she´s surfing the Web.

:bulletorange: Strenghts:

- Fashion-conscious
- Quick typer
- Can deal with criticism very well
- Does not complain
- Refined

:bulletorange: Weakness:

- Sleepy
- Addicted to the Internet (Even in class secretly she surfs the web on her smartphone. That's why she mostly doesn´t pay attention.)
- Easily distracted
- Ticklish
- Sassy

:bulletorange: History:

Ayase was born to a wealthy family. Her father works as a businessman in Kyoto while her mother is a dentist. After her near death experience from a car accident, she started to isolate herself from that day on. She didn´t care to make many friends in class, and rather preferred to sit in front of the computer and never leave the house unless it's for the short walk to school.

Her mother didn´t like her daughter's attitude towards life, but never did something about it because she was very busy with work like her husband.
When her cousin moved in with them for a short time, everything changed for Miss Internet Addict, because she wasn´t able to sit the whole day in front of the computer anymore.
In time, they began to spend time together and Ayase started to be more open and receptive.
Slowly, she began to enjoy life again, since she was able to find some friends in class.

After Ayase graduated from middle school, she moved with her mother to Kirimori because she found a new job there.
She sends her daughter to Higashimori High because of its great prestige. She is also hoping that Ayase can learn to control her Internet addiction, while living in the dorms and socializing with other people.
:bulletorange: Trivia:

- Her natural hair color is black. She only dyed it.
- Her favorite internet community is Tumblr.
- She has a belly button piercing.
- She never leaves the house without her smartphone.
- She´s still addicted to the Internet, but started to spend time with her friends.
- She used to always order her clothes online.

:bulletorange: Rp-Methods:

- chat
- comments
- note
- Skype

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I already have a vita (actually i buyed one cause P4G last year xD But now im always buying other stuff and totally forget to buy this game /slaps herself )

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